Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mochi brunch

Without a mochi maker machine you can still make good mochi at home, and they are really great as a gluten free substitute for pasta, though they do not taste like pasta and neither like rice or gnocchi but something in between a bit crunchy outside and soft inside.
This is the way i make mochi with the food-processor:
  1. Boil rice in a pressure cooker with some extra water to get it overcooked and sticky.
  2. When cooled but still warm place few spoons at the time in a food-processor, adding some little cold water until the grains disappear and you get an even sticky paste. I don't know why but adding the cold water while processing is very important to get the right result.
  3. Rinse a glass box with water [to prevent the rice to stick on the glass] and fill it with rice, pressing and leveling the top with a wet spatula.
  4. Store in the fridge and the day after you get a block of rice, like this in the photo, that you can cut in cubes.

    This is my recipe for today:

    Shallow fry mochi cubes only from two sides [top and bottom] and garnish with Niboshi, Miso, Korean Nori, cucumber slices, Gomasio.

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