Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Perfect Match: Gawar Beans & Potatoes

I love these delicate green beans, deliciously bitter and nutty, tender and fibrous at the same time.
They have no similarity of any kind with French beans, except that they are also beans, but the taste and the texture are absolutely different. Indians usually make a curry with these beans, so, i tried a couple of Indian recipes too, when Liz was cooking for me, but i didn't like it.

My way of cooking them is definitely perfect for me, just "la morte sua". You will not find this recipe anywhere else.You need extra virgin olive oil to stir fry the beans together with potatoes and no other oil is going to give what i call "the right taste".
  • Gawar beans [cluster beans]
  • Potatoes
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  1. Cut the beans in about one or two inch size. 
  2. Peel and cut about the same volume of potatoes into thin strips.
  3. Marry them into the wok with quite a bit of extra virgin olive oil and stir fry. 
  4. When they are half ready sprinkle salt and freshly ground pepper and go on stirring until most of the potatoes become golden at least from one side. 
A quick, easy, tasty, fulfilling dish. Today i ate only this, a big fat ind-italian wedding. Did i say i love it?


  1. Chamki we always make dry with potatoes, never a curry
    Liz is very limited in her know-how
    but you seem to instinctively go beyond her limitations, so that's good

  2. Actually Liz made them dry and with potatoes and the usual masala, i think little tomato sauce was also there, don't remember, it was long ago, and the curry thing i found it on the web today because i wanted to mention the Indian recipes on the web.
    How do you make it? Because i am sure you can't make it exactly may way, without any masala and just with salt and pepper, right?

  3. Red salt, pepper n a bit of amchur but in peanut oil
    I'm sure it must be great with olive oil
    Also bhindi n potatoes in a similar way

  4. Wow, no chili and no masala except amchur? That is something i'd like to taste, but do you first boil the beans? Because that according to me makes the difference.

  5. That's what i found in the web, they always boil first. Anyway today i was frying tori and then i thought about your recipe and i sprinkled some amchoor. Well, the beautiful aroma of olive oil disappeared immediately and the Indian smell invaded the kitchen, you see what i mean to say is that we cannot compare the Italian way of cooking with the Indian, just because both are made dry or with potatoes doesn't mean anything. There is always the spice factor, even a little bit of amchoor makes a huge difference. I just tasted one single slice, it was not bad, but i left it all for Sunday - i will add some green chili and i am sure Akash is going to enjoy it. These days i am trying to find a way to explain what makes the Italian cuisine Italian and i am not able to say it. What is a sprinkle of amchoor? Just close to nothing and yet the Italian taste was gone actually destroyed by the dominant Indian flavor. The good thing is that i realized using olive oil with Indian recipes is a wastage, and peanut oil is more appropriate.

  6. Exactly Chamki, I was just refuting the :"always curry" bit
    and I agree absolutely, I would never use olive oil for an Indian recipe either

  7. GREAT! you just gave me an idea for this saturday cooking ... potatoes in stripes like that with ... alright french-beans. l doubt to find gawar beans here.
    ecco, sorry english readers, anche questa espressione "la morte sua" nada in my brain until now!!!

  8. Yesterday Kanta decided to cook the gavaar beans in the pressure cooker
    and added half a bowl of water to help them cook!
    They were obviously mush n inedible
    I almost sacked her on the spot, they never learn after years of reminders to leave veggies just crunchy

  9. Help? There is only one possible help and that is to help yourself, i mean you need to cook your food if you really want to enjoy eating. I am laughing because Kanta or Liz what's the difference? The other day i thought the same thing, is she going to learn ever?

  10. Oh I do, evenings
    But the only way to not have 'em cook in the day is if they work part-time n are not here at meal times
    I refuse to cook for them, like you did for Liz
    Making tea for the mali is as far as I'm willing to go
    Once Sims goes, the maids go part-time too

  11. Right, just today i strongly wanted to fire both of them and move in a smaller house.

  12. oh I understand that only too well
    such freedom to not need them, breathing space



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