Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chicken Pakoras with an Italian twist - Pakoras di pollo

In realtà volevo fare la tempura, ma senza uova in frigo, e con i risciò in sciopero, ho dovuto optare per la farina di ceci, la pastella per friggere preferita in India.  Ma non volevo fare delle pakoras con spezie indiane così ho marinato le strisce di petto di pollo nel succo di lime, aglio e prezzemolo, sapore classico italiano.
La pastella fatta semplicemente con farina di ceci, sale e acqua.
Ho passato i pezzi di pollo marinati nella pastella e li ho fritti in olio di arachidi.


I actually wanted to make Tempura but without eggs in my fridge, and with the rickshaws on strike, i had to opt for chickpea flour, the egg-less Indian favorite batter. And yet i didn't want to make just pakoras, so, i marinated the stripes of chicken breast with lemon, garlic and parsley, a classic Italian marinade.

Of course where is the lemon here? I used lime that's not really the same, in fact next time i am going to skip it - limes are sometimes too bitter. I know that's because the peel may be crushed and the bitter penetrates inside but i took care and this lime was completely sound and yet bitter.
The batter was simply made with chickpea flour, salt and water.
The chicken [together with the marinade] was battered and deep fried in peanut oil.

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