Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miso soup

Here in India i have no kombu, no dashi and neither shavings of katsuobushi, however, sometimes i make noodle miso soup, because i can find miso [made in India].
I don't know where, but i am sure in some market i can find also small dried sardines just to make niboshi dashi for this soup.
Until then, here is my simple miso soup.

I make it rarely also because the miso i find here is not my favorite one. The photo is three years old when i made it because i saw these rice noodles in a supermarket, and i was hoping to use them as Italian pasta, but no, that's definitely not possible.
So, the only way to finish the packet was to make this soup. Quite often i add miso to any vegetable soup.

There is nothing difficult in making miso soup, just boil the vegetables, and when almost done add miso according to your taste.
Any vegetable like french beans, cauliflower, pumpkin, spinach is okay, but potato is a must.
I cook miso for a couple of minutes because here the packaging is lacking safety, but if you have a good product you can add it at the very end.

I would love to take miso straight from the jar and spread it on bread and butter, but last time i ate it like this was a century ago.

Top the soup with a dash of soy sauce or better tamari and extra virgin olive oil.

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