Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fusilli with Tuna and Arugula

Today i was supposed to get the fresh squids to make juicy fried calamari for the lunch with a friend, but this is India, you need to drop all the expectations, and just accept whatever comes to you. There is no other way to survive here.
It came nothing, actually i got a phone call [and that's already something] telling me there was no squid - and the only fishes available were in the list of "not for my taste, thanks".
I almost got enlightened, in between laughing and crying, for i was really expecting the squids when the sword cut my expectations in a single blow.

The funny story is that yesterday, at the supermarket, Liz noticed that the canned tuna from Lakshadweep was again available, and while taking few cans she asked me how many i wanted.
She knows that i used to buy whatever was in the shelf, and we never found more than a dozen, but now i am supposed to get fresh fish every week from her, so, i could not understand why she wanted to give me the canned one.
Are you not going to give me fresh fish anymore? Better to skip her answer.
Anyway, i had a good tomato sauce ready in the fridge - something like the quickest tomato sauce of Jamie Oliver, and the arugula from yesterday.
So, the dish was ready in 10 minutes and it was good, creamy and tasty.

  1. I heated the tomato sauce, added the canned tuna (drained) and half bunch of arugula very thin sliced.
  2. The arugula was very strong and i thought some cream would balance the taste. 
  3. When the fusilli [foo-see-lee] got ready i tossed them into the sauce and served with few torn leaves on top. 

A very simple dish. For my vegetarian Indian friends the good news is that the tuna can be omitted and the cream as well, still you get an Italian sauce only with tomato sauce and rucola [that's how we call it in Italy].


  1. Ho appena letto la traduzione automatica in italiano e mi sono fatta una bella risata.

  2. hahahaha, decisamente divertente, soprattutto l'aragula a razzo e l'italiano fatto solo col pomodoro ;D, ma.... giusto perchè non sono curiosa, qual'è stata la risposta di eliz?

  3. Okay mi ha detto che c'era vento e i pescatori non sono usciti a mare. . . ma allora l'altro pesce che era disponibile da dove è arrivato? a questo punto non mi ha saputo rispondere ma poi mi ha anche detto che i calamari non li compra nessuno eccetto io e un altro cliente.
    Allora la mia versione è che siccome lei non è andata perchè ammalata, suo genero se ne è fregato di me e anche dell'altro cliente e ha comprato solo i pesci che si vendono al villaggetto suo. Te capì?



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