Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Farfalle, Tuna and Luffa

Dov'è il pesce fresco? Credo che si stia facendo un bel bagno nelle acque tiepide del Mare Arabico, ma per fortuna che lo scorso febbraio, nelle isole Lakshadweep, ne hanno inscatolato un po', così oggi ho fatto le farfalle con le finte zucchine e il tonno, una ricetta semplicissima e leggera.
Mi piace il suono di Lakshadweep, significa centomila isole ma in realtà sono dodici atolli con trentacinque isole di cui solo dieci abitate. Chissà che magari mi decido ad andarci dopo la stagione delle piogge.

  • Farfalle - Italian short pasta butterfly shaped
  • Canned Tuna [very good quality if you can]
  • Zucchini or Luffa [ridged gourd] cut in stripes or round if you like it better
  • ground pepper, parsley, onion, garlic and lemon juice
    1. Stir fry zucchini/luffa and be careful to keep them shining emerald green, do not overcook. Top with ground pepper and keep aside.
    2. Open the tuna can and give a boil to the tuna so that the excess salt and the unknown oil is removed easily with the hot water. If you are lucky to get tuna in olive oil you may skip this point.
    3. Sauté the onion in extra virgin olive oil, and when half done add garlic, parsley and tuna. Stir and pour a glass of white wine.
    4. Let the wine evaporate completely, only then toss the farfalle cooked "al dente" and the stir fried luffa/zucchini into the pan with tuna.
    5. Squeeze some lemon juice on top.
    6. Serve dressed with fresh minced parsley and/or paprika.
    I added in one corner also my lemon-turmeric powder just to taste and it was good, but i think that would be better to add a pinch of turmeric when sautéing the onions, and you get a yellow pasta for a change.


    1. it's unfair! I'm in office now and see this....make's me hungry...ufff!

    2. Sorry but you cannot check a food blog while working, and actually i was thinking about you because i guess you are making this kind of pasta, right? Make it today when you go home! :))

    3. obviously you're right, I was kidding, today I had lunch with a marvellous, oily, ready onion bun

    4. next time take a pic and send it to me ;D

    5. ok, but it's not so nice, only the taste it is.



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