Drumstick Flowers Pancakes

Here is the pancake made with drumstick flowers and leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree, topped with honey. It was even better this second time, because i used less flour.

  • two spoons of flour,
  • one big egg or two small
  • enough buttermilk to get the right thickness.
Whisk together with a fork until free of lumps, then add:
You can make pancakes the usual way with butter [i prefer ghee] in a small no-stick pan, or make fritters by dropping a spoon of batter into hot oil and fry until completely cooked.

Today i made pancakes without baking soda, just to check the texture, and it was good. If you like them much lighter, use buttermilk and soda, or milk and baking powder [for the right chemical reaction].

In Italy we make fritters with the intense sweet smelling robinia flowers.
Here is the batter ready to go:

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