Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Palak Paneer my way

This recipe is dedicated to my best friends in India, Tanmayo and Smaran.
They like Italian food, and [bontà loro] anything i make. Thank you guys.

This morning i saw one liter of fresh milk in the fridge was going to expire, so, i made paneer.
And because at lunch time, coming out of my AC room, the temperature was not inspiring for going closer to the oven or the burners, i had to think about cooking something very quick.
A bunch of cleaned spinach, ready in the fridge, was the right match for paneer.
The recipe of Palak Paneer is much loved in India, but i am not in the mood for Indian recipes these days, so, i cooked it my way.
This is not the Indian recipe of Palak Paneer, but it contains palak [spinach] and paneer.

Place the spinach in a large pan, with no water if they are enough wet, otherwise just a spoon or two will be enough, cover and let it cook until they are soft - just a couple of minutes.
Open the lid, let the water evaporate over high fire, add some butter and toss the spinach until they are almost dry.
I added to the spinach a couple of small celery sprigs and four basil leaves - not much to give any flavor to all the spinach, but enough to get a nice taste in a bite or two. A morsel that gives a little surprise.
Slice paneer and brown it with a little ghee.
Top the spinach with freshly grated Parmigiano and enjoy the Italian taste.


  1. Oh, I don't know if you write better in italian or english, however I appreciate both.
    This recipe seems very simple but tasty :D

  2. That's very nice you can read both! My Indian readers cannot read Italian.
    Un bacione. :D

  3. can I suggest to always post in both languages?

  4. No thanks baby, too much work, and anyway i write in the language that pops up in the moment. I go with the flow. . . .

  5. Smaran was sooo thrilled that you dedicate the recipe to us

  6. Ovviamente segno anche questo! Adesso lascio perchè altrimenti ti bombardo di messaggi... e non sta bene :D ! A presto.



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